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America's Siberian Adventure.
Foreword by NEWTON D. BAKER Illustrated
Jonathan Cape & Harrison Smith.

America's Siberian Adventure

This book presents the first authentic account of one of the strangest military ventures the United States has ever undertaken—the sending of an army to Siberia in 1919. The army was commanded by Major-General William S. Graves, who solves in this book the mystery of why the United States sent an expedition to Siberia and maintained troops there for nearly two years. In a frank and detailed account, he gives not only the story of America's participation but exposes the ruthlessness of the Japanese in pursuing their own aims despite previous agreement with the United States. There has been so much mis-representation of the purpose of this expedition, and there have been so many rumors of disagreement between the armies of the other nations involved, that the public should welcome this clear and succinct statement of the orders given to the United States troops by the War Department and the government, and the policies followed by the commanding general in Siberia. Actually, this book is an historical document of real importance.

America's Siberian Adventure MAJOR-GENERAL WILLIAM S. GRAVES

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